Access to Assets — Streamlined and Secured

Eliminate the time-consuming manual asset transaction record keeping. Electronically audit and ensure full accountability. Prevent unauthorized access to assets. Prevent lost or misplaced assets. Allow for self-service drop-off and pick-up of assets to save time and resources. It’s automatic issue and return of valuables, made easy!

The solution provides secure storage and accountability for assets utilizing a keypad and optional card reader interfaced to secure electronic storage lockers.’s easy to use, Web-based software provides remote access, monitoring, tracking and real-time transaction logging.

Our optional card reader offers an additional layer of security, utilizing Smart and Proximity Cards—Common Access Card (CAC) and MIFARE technology compatible.

The Asset Management System features the following products, each customizable and adaptive to your needs: ID Station

Electronic Access Cabinets

Electronic Modular Access Units

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