Evidence Control…Simplified and Streamlined

Eliminate the time-consuming manual property transaction record keeping. Our Access.it Evidence Management System provides temporary storage of evidence going into—and coming out of—the property room, with complete electronic chain of custody reporting.

All too often evidence that is placed into temporary storage is compromised by the people who are trying to manage the accountability. The Access.it Evidence Management System closes that gap and ensures that evidence and property stay accounted for.

Prevent unauthorized access to property. Prevent costly errors in chain of custody reporting. Allow for self-service drop-off and pick-up of property to save time and resources.

Access.it: It’s automatic drop-off and pick-up of evidence, made easy!

Access.it’s easy-to-use, Web-based software provides remote access, monitoring, tracking and real-time transaction logging.

Our optional card reader offers an additional layer of security, utilizing Smart and Proximity Cards—Common Access Card (CAC) and MIFARE technology compatible.

The Access.it Evidence Management System features the following products, with various locker configurations and optional rear-door for pass-thru (through-the-wall) installation:

Access.it ID Station

Electronic Evidence Lockers

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