Give your library patrons more accessibility, convenience, and security.
With the SmartAxess™ Smart Library Locker Systems from LEID Products.

See the SmartAxess system at Booth #3513
At the 2019 American Library Association (ALA) in Washington DC, June 21-24.
With SmartAxess, you can give your patrons:

Extended hours without incurring additional cost
Self-service remote or adjacent kiosks
Online ordering and fulfillment
The books they want when they want them On-demand

SmartAxess gives your library:

Greater reach to your customers
Inventory control with bar-code or RFID scanning that’s 100% accurate
Greater efficiency and productivity
24/7 tracking of all books, materials, and assets

Our electronic lockers are modular and come in various sizes to suit various library needs. The electronics keypad with LCD display, and touch screen navigation provides ease of use for library customer.

LEID Products pioneered the remote electronic library system. With the SmartAxess system we have significantly improved it.

Visit booth number 3513 and see our new image, enhanced products, and lean how we can help you reach new patrons with more convenience than ever before.