The Highest Degree of Accountability on the Market

BACS™ Asset Management System provides an unparalleled level of integrity and accountability via intelligent asset management. At LEID Products, we understand that the storage needs for each application are different. That’s why our software is fully customizable to reflect proper terminology and coding for your specific application.

With the patented BACS™ system, you will have a biometric signature every time an asset is accessed. Assets can be identified via RFID chip or barcode to verify return of the correct asset. Individuals can only have access to the assets you have authorized.

When contents are critical, leave nothing to chance!

BACS™ is a complete and customizable asset management solution used by military facilities, law enforcement, hospitals/pharmacies and private business to control access to valuables, critical assets, weapons or highly sensitive items, such as controlled medications or even research and development materials.

The BACS™ Asset Management System features the following products, each customizable and adaptive to your needs:

BACS™ ID Station

Electronic Access Cabinets

Electronic Modular Access Units

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