Since 9/11, security at airports has improved immensely. Nonetheless, beyond making sure weapons do not make it into the airport, counterterrorism efforts must include preventing unauthorized access to airport police and security staff’s weapons, keys and critical assets.  Serving the immense need for proper security, storage and tracking of assets within airports, LEID Products is now offering the BACS Asset Management System to the Airline Industry.

LEID’s patented Biometric Access Control Systems (BACS™) protects weapons and critical assets by ensuring accountability and controlled accessibility while enabling our clients to achieve ultimate efficiency and productivity. With proven ‘rock-solid’ performance, BACS Systems have improved critical asset management for our clients since 2006.

The BACS Asset Management System for the Airline Industry is an advanced asset management system for the oversight, tracking and security of weaponry, keys and other critical assets. Eliminating paper-based processes and using BACS biometric and RFID technology streamlines the management of weapons to ensure a secure credential management solution to prevent unauthorized weapons access, increase safety, eliminate inefficiencies and reduce the time it takes to get airport security staff on the job.

Smart Guard Handgun SafeLEID Products’ BACS technology stores and electronically locks access to rifles, tasers, handguns, other armory assets and ammunition. The BACS System is made up of any combination of long arm Smart Rail Gun Racks, single firearm Smart Guard Handgun Safes, BACS Key Cabinets, tall profile Electronic Access Cabinets, and easily configurable Electronic Modular Access Units. The system is configured from the central BACS ID Station kiosk so an administrator can enroll users, manage access permissions, view logs for tracking, and ensure proper maintenance and accessibility. Web-enabled administrative access allows for real-time remote monitoring and control.

Airport staff must remain vigilant that access to security sensitive assets be protected from falling into the wrong hands. The BACS System eliminates this potential liability while reducing the negative cost repercussions of human error in asset management.