Intelligent Evidence Management

BACS™ Evidence Management System is a secure storage and retrieval system that ensures accountability and provides unparalleled preservation of chain of custody.

When evidence is placed into temporary storage, there is always a risk of compromise by the people who are trying to ensure its accountability.

The BACS™ Evidence Management System removes that risk.

BACS™ efficiently maintains detailed documentation to avoid defense motions. With very strict rules around evidence control, BACS™ delivers the chain of custody required for courtroom presentations.

The biometric signature (fingerprint, retina scan, etc.) identifies and tracks which user did what—and when. It documents the (real-time) status of the evidence, which saves the property manager time in knowing what needs to be done with the evidence when retrieved. The self-service ability to drop off and pick up evidence offers a degree of flexibility without sacrificing security, control or accountability.

The BACS™ Evidence Management System features the following products, each customizable and adaptive to your needs with various locker configurations and optional rear door for pass-thru (through-the-wall) installation.:

BACS ID Station

Electronic Evidence Lockers

Smart Rail Gun Rack

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