Attending key security industry event, LEID Products, experts in biometric and RFID technology, will demo state-of-the-art BACS Asset Management System, complete with biometrically accessed BACS ID Station computer kiosk interfaced to electronic lockers, electronic SmartRail Gun Racks, and new BACS Key Cabinet

Auburn Hills, MI – September 17, 2013LEID Products, LLC., the leader of electronic locker and cabinet storage with biometric asset protection and control, today announced it will showcase new enhancements in the BACS Asset Management System at the ASIS International Conference from September 24-27, 2013 in Chicago, IL.
Serving the critical market need for secure key storage and tracking, LEID Products recently introduced the addition of a key cabinet to the BACS Asset Management System, which will be available for live demonstration in the company’s booth at ASIS, number 5041.

With the addition of key management, the BACS System now protects weapons, assets and keys in one integrated system, restricting employee’s access to only the keys/assets they are authorized to have. Features include tamper proof electronic lockers, Smart Rail Gun Racks and key cabinets, all of which interface with the BACS ID Station Kiosk serving as the control point for access (via fingerprint) to all assets/keys stored in the system. All assets are identified with RFID technology.

“For many organizations, keys are among the most vital tangible assets; secure storage and restricted access has never been more important,” said Sam Hoff, president, LEID Products. “We are looking forward to The ASIS International Conference and displaying how our BACS Asset Management System guarantees proper storage, security and tracking of all sensitive assets.”

The ASIS International Conference will draw more than 700 companies to the exhibit floor this year, gathering industry leaders and seasoned security practitioners. Keynote presentations and more than 200 concurrent sessions will cover the latest threats, news topics and critical issues facing organizations today.

About LEID Products:
Law Enforcement Intelligent Devices (LEID), LLC is the manufacturing leader of electronic locker and cabinet storage with biometric asset protection and control. Originally founded to assist police departments in securing guns, weapons, radios, etc. through an electronic tracking and fingerprinting system, LEID products are also utilized to track books within a library system, medical supplies, laptops and even business documents to selected personnel. Their Biometric Access Control Systems (BACS™) streamlines operations and provides full accountability for critical business assets. For more information and demonstrations of our products, visit

Georgia H. Whalen