About the LEID Products Brands

BACS LogoLEID’s patented BACS Systems offers the highest level of security and accountability. BACS ID Station kiosk is the heart of the system. The kiosk houses a fingerprint reader for access verification, and a RFID or barcode reader for asset verification. Only the BACS closes the accountability loop Chain of custody is electronically tracked and accounted for whether tracking evidence or other assets, limiting liability and consequences of exposure to human error. Additional layers of security can be added with options including: hand geometry scanner, card reader, and barcode reader. Items are stored in LEID’s Electronic Lockers and/or SmartRail Gun Racks interfaced to the BACS ID Station. Maintenance tracking of equipment with notification and lock-out options are added enhancements. Web enabled management allows for remote administrator access for 24/7 monitoring capabilities. BACS systems are used by federal, state and private sector clientele throughout the country to streamline operations.

AccessIt LogoTo complement our original Biometric Access Control Systems, LEID Products developed the Access.it System. The Access.it System is an access control system offering various degrees of security by utilizing a keypad and/or card reader for access verification. As with the BACS Systems, all items are stored in LEID’s Electronic Lockers interfaced to the Access.it keypad and/or card reader for access verification. Web enabled management allows for remote administrator access for 24/7 monitoring capabilities. This asset management system is used to secure and track critical inventory for a wide range of customers. LEID’s Access.it Systems are currently utilized to secure and track evidence, medical supplies, corporate development materials, library holds and more.


iLibraryLEID Products’ iLibrary System includes the iLibrary Kiosk interfaced with LEID’s Electronic Modular Access Units to offer a complete “Express Library” solution. Library patrons can browse materials online or directly through LEID’s iLibrary System Kiosk. Orders are placed through the kiosk or remotely via the internet using the patron’s library card number. Patrons are notified via email or phone call with access code when their materials are available. The iLibrary System provides communities with extended library hours, complete self-service access to library materials and can be placed at the location of the library for extended hours, or at other locations including community centers, retirement communities, commuter stations or malls for the convenience of library patrons. The award winning iLibrary System is an innovative and cost effective solution for libraries to make materials more accessible to all patrons.


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