Using LEID Products Electronic Lockers, the Springtown Branch of Livermore Public Library Expands Service Hours from One Day to Seven Days a Week to Meet Patron Needs

Auburn Hills, MI – May 15, 2013 – LEID Products, LLC., innovators of secure electronic storage systems with built-in asset management and inventory control software, today announced Livermore Public Library in California is using LEID’s electronic lockers as part of their new revolutionary self-service library called the ‘Easy Access Library.’ The Easy Access Library, introduced to patrons on April 27th, extends library access to seven days a week. The new program has been created to combat the limitations resulting from significant budget cuts the Livermore Public Library has experienced over the past six years, including the reduction of hours at the Springtown Branch to one day a week for staffed library service.

LEID’s electronic lockers were installed to provide self-service library ‘holds’ pickup. Prior to the introduction of the Easy Access Library, The Springtown Branch Library was only open and staffed on Tuesdays from noon until 8 pm. In addition to the full service library hours, the new Easy Access Library provides access to library materials seven days a week through secure key card access. Patrons can place items on hold through the Library’s online catalog and have them delivered to the ‘Easy Access Lockers’ to pick up at their convenience.

The Easy Access Library also offers secured video lending and the ability to check out children and adult books and magazines. Library patrons can purchase, for a nominal fee, an “Easy Access” card that will work on the card reader installed on the main door of the Library. A secure gate closes off the main part of the branch, leaving only the Easy Access portion available, similar to how the Post Office operates when closed. An extensive security system, with numerous video cameras and panic buttons, is in place to insure patron safety.

To provide instruction in the use of the state of the art equipment at this revolutionary self-service library, an open house was held on April 27th and another is being planned. “The Livermore Public Library is pleased to offer patrons the self-serve Easy Access Library to expanded hold pickup service through the use of the LEID hold lockers,” commented Interim Director of Library Services, Tamera LeBeau. “Patrons who are using the service have been very pleased with the opportunity to pick up holds at their convenience rather than having to work their schedule around the limited hours that the library is staffed. The LEID hold lockers have been easy for both staff and patrons to use and we expect their popularity to continue to grow as news of this new service spreads.”

LEID’s self-service library solutions include the option of various configurations of electronic lockers and cabinets and the option to include the innovative self-service iLibrary Kiosk which allows patrons to browse and order library materials at the site of the self-service library branch. LEID’s user friendly iLibrary Kiosk has a sleek tamper proof design and a large kiosk screen.

For more information on LEID Products self-service library solutions, contact John Kormanik, LEID Products senior account manager at 614-527-7824 or 614-565-2906.