Accountability. Accessibility. Efficiency.

LEID Products provides elegant, innovative security and storage systems.  Our advanced team of systems engineers have the talent and expertise to design and deploy sophisticated technology.  LEID Products is the only storage system that closes the accountability loop by pairing biometric access with RFID asset tracking.

We are the leader of electronic locker and cabinet storage systems with biometric asset protection and control — such as fingerprint recognition, retina detection and others. Our Biometric Access Control Systems (BACS™) hold three U.S. Patents. It ensures accountability and controlled accessibility while enabling our clients to achieve ultimate efficiency and productivity.

Our engineered systems have broad application in a wide range of environments, such as those integrated in military facilities, law enforcement departments, universities/colleges, government agencies, medical facilities, libraries and large corporations.

BACS™ systems provide proven rock-solid accountability, improved accessibility and increased operational efficiency by securing our clients’ critical business assets.


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