Limited Access. Infinite Control.

Organizations in a broad spectrum of industries—from law enforcement to health care and from universities to corporations—rely on LEID Products to elevate the level of control and accountability of its assets while streamlining time and costs.

Our Electronic Locker Systems use custom software tracking and reporting technology, powered by sophisticated engineering and integration, to control, monitor and report the storage and access of evidence, records, equipment, files and other critical business assets. Choose between:


  • Increased safety and security
  • Secured electronic chain of custody tracking
  • Reduced costs and saved time
  • Improved accountability
  • Inventory control, enhanced tracking and transparency in reporting


  • Access via biometric fingerprint, LCD-keypad and/or card swipe
  • Web-enabled remote management
  • Optional barcode or RFID reader
  • Touch screen navigation
  • Optional additional layers of security can be added with card access reader and/or entering an access code
  • Optional video recording can be tied in by transaction
  • Electronic rotary latch locks on doors
  • Spring-loaded front doors to automatically open when unit is accessed
  • Manual override on doors
  • Optional rear door for pass-through installation


  • Law enforcement facilities and crime labs
  • Military installations
  • Government offices
  • Medical and hospital facilities
  • Universities
  • Corporate