Take a peek at our fastest growing market segments – what’s new, what’s hot!

Law Enforcement/Government Agencies LEID Products was originally formed to serve this market and our law enforcement business continues to grow, spreading across many sectors including federal agencies, military facilities, local, state, and university police departments.SmartGuard Handgun Safe

What’s new? We were honored early this year when a federal agency asked us to develop an add-on to our high performance BACS Asset Management tracking system – a handgun safe – hence the birth of our newest addition to the BACS product line, the SmartGuard Handgun Safe. Now we can extend the BACS Armory system onto the office floor – perfect for federal agencies. No, you do not need to check that firearm into a set of lockers at the entrance of your building or floor.  Instead, carry it to your desk and safely store it in the biometrically accesses SmartGuard Handgun safe securely mounted under your desk and tied into the BACS Armory System – secure, accountable and readily accessible in the event of an emergency. Transforming the armory, LEID Products is staying at the forefront with its BACS product line.

In addition, The BACS Evidence System continues to gain ground in the market as forward thinking departments realize the need for tighter chain of custody and see the many benefits of automating the drop off and pick up of evidence. The BACS Evidence System has earned accolades from trusted and respected law enforcement resources such as Officer.com and PoliceOne.com.

College and UniversitiesThis is a fairly new market segment for LEID.  Perhaps it is the unfortunate campus shootings we have seen in recent years that are driving the colleges and universities to invest more in their police departments to ensure campus safety and readiness in an unforeseen emergency.BACS Key Cabinet

The BACS Systems has been utilized in the exact same way at universities as it has in our traditional law enforcement market – managing weapons, assets and evidence. However, LEID again responded to the needs of the markets we serve by adding the BACS Key Cabinet tied into the BACS System managing weapons and assets. First and foremost, a set of master keys falling into the wrong hands is a huge concern from a safety perspective. Beyond the safety issue, the cost to re-key a campus can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.LEID Forensic Lab_

Corporations – Sensitive development materials? We’ve got that covered!

One of the most well-known names in the computer/software business (we are not allowed to disclose) found LEILEID Prodcuts Hand GeometryD Products online several years ago. The BACS Asset Management System was the perfect solution to keep their ‘top secret’ development materials under-wraps.  So sensitive were the materials to be stored in our BACS System’s electronic lockers, the company asked us to add a layer of security. We responded by adding dual hand geometry authentication.  To gain access to the system, two authorized individuals need to put their hands under the hand geometry reader to pick-up, or drop off the sensitive development materials.

Was it successful? Yes. So much so, that the company came back to LEID two years later to add this system in two additional development facilities. BACS provides rock solid accountability when safeguarding intellectual property is critical.

Libraries– Well, we did not intentionally try to sell to this market when we started in business back in 2006 – the libraries found us, and we love working with them and creating the products they need to meet their patron’s needs! A common theme among the library directors contacting us was summed up quite well by one of our first customers – “It’s a changinLEID Products Granville cnty iLibrary 3g world, and we need to adapt or risk becoming obsolete.”

Library patrons live in an on-demand world, and they expect nothing less of their community library. We have made a major commitment to this segment of our business. The innovative iLibrary system was designed with today’s time-compressed patron in mind. Our sophisticated technology allows for simplicity in service.  It enables libraries to extend hours, provide self-service, and ensure customer-centric accessibility— regardless of time of day. The success of our iLibrary System can be measure by the large percentage of libLEID Forensic Lab_raries that first order one or two systems, then return to order more systems for other locations. We are committed to this market and continue to improve our offering. Earlier this year we announced additional improvements to the system with the release of our iLibrary Kiosk version 3.0.

AirportsThe Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) focus on counterterrorism improvement through intelligence and cutting edge technology is a top priority for the Airline Industry. LEID’s BACS Armory System is now being utilized in the Airline industry.  Airport staff must remain vigilant that access to security sensitive assets be protected from falling into the wrong hands. The BACS System eliminates this potential liability while reducing the negative cost repercussions of human error in asset management.

HealthcareWhile hospitals and medical facilities operate with a precision second to none when it comes to patient care, they can operate surprisingly inefficiently when it comes to managing business assets.LEID Forensic Lab_

The business of running a medical facility reveals unfortunate inefficiencies, from the tracking and distribution of netbook computers, to inefficient management of medical supplies and scrubs, to limited pharmacy hours competing against 24/7 retail brands.

Our most recent installations in hospitals have included using the BACS Asset Management System for doctors to access shared netbooks containing critical patient information. In addition, with the growth of home healthcare companies, providers need to have access to patient’s medical supplies after normal business hours. Pharmacies with limited hours are serving the after-hours needs by utilizing LEID’s Access.it system to provide secure self-service pick-up from LEID’s electronic lockers located just outside of the pharmacy.

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