Secure, Rugged and Tamper Proof Library Access System Made Possible by LEID Products

Auburn Hills, MI – March 27, 2012 – LEID Products, LLC., the leader in electronic locker and cabinet storage with biometric asset protection and control, today announced version 2.0 of its iLibrary Kiosk. LEID Products iLibrary System includes the kiosk interfaced with LEID’s Electronic Modular Access Units to offer a complete “Express Library” solution. The iLibrary System provides communities with extended library hours, complete self-service access to library materials and can be placed at the location of the library for extended hours, or at other locations including community centers, retirement communities, commuter stations or malls for the convenience of library patrons. 

Public libraries often face budget cuts but also increased demand for services due to cost conscious families who still wish to stay enriched and entertained. The LEID Products iLibrary System is a cost effective solution for libraries to make materials more accessible to all patrons, one of their top priorities. The system provides an innovative way to deliver services to areas where a full-service library may not be close by.

Library patrons can browse materials online or directly through LEID’s iLibrary System Kiosk. Orders are placed through the kiosk or remotely via the internet using their library card number. The patron will receive an email with access code when their materials are available. New enhancements to the iLibrary Kiosk include a larger 19″ screen, a sleeker, more modern appeal, durable 14-gauge steel construction and the entire system is tamperproof to ensure system safety in public areas.

“The initial concept for a self-service library originated in 2004 when library systems in greater Minnesota sought federal funds unsuccessfully while the needs of underserved residents remained unmet,” said David Foster, Vice President of Engineering, LEID Products, LLC. “Libraries across the nation continue to face flat budgets, increased demands for services, and constricted open hours while the cost for construction and personnel continues to escalate. Our iLibrary System is a cost effective way to provide library access to an extended number of communities. We are very proud to announce the enhancements we have made to the system kiosk.”


About LEID Products:

Law Enforcement Intelligent Devices (LEID), LLC is the leader in electronic locker and cabinet storage with biometric asset protection and control. Originally founded to assist police departments in securing guns, weapons, radios, etc. through an electronic tracking and fingerprinting system, LEID products are also utilized to track books within a library system, medical supplies, laptops and even business documents to selected personnel. Their Biometric Access Control Systems (BACSTM) streamlines operations and provides full accountability for critical business assets. For more information and demonstrations of our products, visit