Using LEID Products Electronic Lockers, Madison County Public Library Expands their ‘Library-on-the-GO’ Program to Meet Growing Patron Demand

Auburn Hills, MI – May 15, 2012 – LEID Products, LLC., the leader in electronic locker and cabinet storage with biometric asset protection and control, today announced Madison County Public Library has extended library access to patrons through the installation of a third Library-on-the-GO (LOTG) location in the northern part of Madison County Kentucky. Busier-than-ever schedules, $4 a gallon gas, the continuing love of reading and need for information are the elements driving the expansion of the Library’s popular LOTG program. The new location opened Friday April 20th at Dishman’s Shell west of Exit 95 on Interstate 75. 

“The Library-on-the-GO program helps us serve our 42,000 card holders better by giving them greater access to library materials and saving them time and gas.  Use of library materials and services continues to grow in Madison County, and we’re thrilled to be able to encourage that growth through this program,” said Ruthie Maslin, director of Madison County’s public library system. “These mini libraries offer a book drop for customers to return materials plus LEID’s electronic locker system that allows customers to put books on hold and have them delivered to the Library-on-the-GO location closest to them.”

“We have been very happy with the security, durability and ease-of-use of LEID’s electronic lockers,” Maslin stated when asked about the performance of LEID’s self-service electronic lockers.

The LOTG program began with its first installation in 2010 and has been very well received by patrons who value the convenience. The existing locations in Waco/Moberly and Kingston serve library users in the western part of the county more distant from the main library locations in Richmond and Berea. This third location is in the northern sector of the county, about 7 miles from the closest full service branch.

According to Maslin, locations for the LOTG have been chosen based on community gather points. The businesses asked to host these mini libraries, have been very welcoming and accommodating. Two of the LOTG’s are at gas stations, Dishman’s Shell and Cole Moberly Shell, and one is a located outside Dollar Valu Plus, a retail shop.

Madison County Public Library delivers materials to LOTG locations three times a week. The self-service mini library system encompasses LEID’s Electronic Modular Access Units with keypad access and a library drop box for returning materials. The outside locations allow for 24/7 patron access. To use LOTG, patrons obtain a special LOTG sticker from the Richmond or Berea library branch. Library items can be placed on hold online or by phone using the special sticker code. Patrons have three days to pick up their holds after receiving notification their materials have been delivered to their selected LOTG.

The new LOTG location at Dishman’s Shell was made possible through a donation from the Madison County Athenaeum in honor of Sue Hays, the library’s first director who retired in 2010.

Often referred to as a ‘Library Express’, the concept of a self-service mini library branch has been growing in popularity across the nation. Public libraries continue to be faced with flat budgets, increased demands for services, and constricted open hours while the cost for construction and personnel continues to escalate. The self-service solution allows public libraries to provide library access where demand is insufficient to support a traditional ‘brick and mortar’ library.

LEID’s self-service library solutions include the option of various configurations of electronic lockers and cabinets and the option to include the innovative self-service iLibrary Kiosk which allows patrons to browse and order library materials at the site of the mini library branch. LEID recently announced Version 2.0 of the iLibrary Kiosk, which includes enhancements to its sleek tamper proof construction and larger kiosk screen for additional security and functionality.

For more information on the Madison County LOTG program, contact Ruthie Maslin, director of Madison County’s public library system at 859-623-6704 or 859-408-3973.

For more information on LEID Products self-service library solutions, contact John Kormanik, LEID Products senior account manager at 614-527-7824 or 614-565-2906.


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