Detroit, MI — Auburn Hills, MI-based LEID Products, LLC, a cutting edge technology company offering electronic storage solutions with asset tracking and management software, will be introducing their new state-of-the-art Biometric Access Control System (BACSTM)  Evidence Storage Lockers at the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Conference in Chicago, IL, at McCormick Place West, October 23 – 25, 2011. LEID Products systems are used to streamline operations at law enforcement departments, military facilities, medical facilities, and crime and research labs by securing, tracking and providing full accountability to clients’ weapons, evidence, medications, and other critical assets. Visit LEID Products at booth #2437.

“The IACP Exposition is the perfect venue for displaying our new technology, attendees are always looking for ways to improve their operations” says Sam Hoff, president of LEID Products, “we offer the most advanced systems available today, our new BACSTM Evidence Storage Lockers fills the critical need for better standards for securing and tracking evidence filling in gaps in ‘Chain of Custody’ reporting which is so vital to the allowable use of evidence in the court room.”



LEID’s electronic locker, cabinet and gun rack storage systems offer identity protected access via biometric finger print (BACSTM Systems), or LCD-keypad with card swipe (® Systems). LEID’s systems all offer the option to add RFID or barcode readers to further enhance secure and accurate tracking and accountability of stored items. Web-enabled remote management allows for flexible management of the system; the administrator can access and manage the system from his laptop or computer at home or any location offering internet access. In addition to the BACS Evidence Storage Lockers, also on display will be LEID’s electronic lockers and gun rack.

According to Hoff, “LEID Products customer base has grown from its’ roots in law enforcement to include other sectors that will be attending the IACP Show, including military and federal government agencies. The BACSTM systems have been specified and received glowing reviews because of increased accountability and ease and depth of reporting.”

The IACP has been instrumental in forwarding breakthrough technologies and philosophies from the early years of their establishment to now. From spearheading national use of fingerprint identification to partnering in a consortium on community policing to gathering top experts in criminal justice. The Annual IACP Conference & Exposition is open to members, sworn officers, first responders, and civilian employees of public safety and government agencies and the armed forces.

About LEID Products:

Law Enforcement Intelligent Devices (LEID), LLC was originally founded to assist police departments in securing their assets (guns, weapons and radios) through an electronic tracking and fingerprinting system. LEID’s products since have been utilized by military facilities, medical facilities, government agencies, libraries and businesses to secure and track a wide variety of items including evidence; controlled meds; vital research and development materials; books, tapes and magazines within a library system; and even the securing of business documents to selected personnel. For more information and to see on-line demonstrations of our products, log on to