U.S. Patent No. 9,355,510 provides the broadest intellectual property protection yet for the Biometric Access Control System, secures the product’s place as the leading controlled-access storage system for weapons and other critical assets

Auburn Hills, MI –May 31, 2016LEID Products, LLC., leader of electronic locker and cabinet storage with biometric asset protection and control, today announced the issuance of U.S. Patent Number 9,355,510 from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  The patent relates to a biometric access control system.  This is the third patent for the Biometric Access Control System (BACS™) product.

The patent encompasses the entire system of biometric access, equipment identification, and the user interface.  This means that LEID BACS is the only storage system that closes the accountability loop between user access and equipment return.

LEID’s BACS system also holds US Patent Numbers 8,207,816 and 8,947,201. Today’s patent is not limited to the specific technologies used for access, identification, and storage; it encompasses the exclusive interaction of the technologies to provide a complete and unparalleled secure storage system.

“We are pleased that this newest patent recognizes the BACS system for its unique technology,” said Sam Hoff, president of LEID Products.  “This patent provides the broadest intellectual property protection yet for BACS ™. No other system can or will provide this level of accountability and security for valuable assets.”

LEID Products BACS Asset Management System eliminates potential liability while reducing the negative cost repercussions of human error in asset management. The system’s next generation technology powers security, control, safety, accountability and reliability in reporting. BACS™ Systems have been field proven with installations across industries where assets are of utmost concern within an organization’s property – i.e. military facilities, crime and research labs, law enforcement department, government agencies, airports and more.

BACS™ Systems consist of customized configurations of LEID Products SmartRail Gun Rack, Electronic Access Cabinets, Key Cabinets, Electronic Modular Access Units, and SMARTGUARD™ Handgun Safes. Access to assets stored in the BACS™ System is managed and configured from the central BACS™ ID Station Kiosk; an administrator can enroll users, manage access permissions, view logs for tracking and ensure proper maintenance and accessibility.

About LEID Products, LLC

LEID Products, LLC provides patented biometric, access-controlled electronic locker and cabinet storage. Our storage closes the accountability loop by pairing biometric access with RFID asset tracking.  Originally founded to assist police departments in securing weapons and equipment, LEID products are utilized wherever efficiency, accessibility, and accountability are needed for inventory.  Government agencies, courts, airports, hospitals, and businesses use this system to secure critical assets such as documents, laptops, medical supplies and other valuables. Access.it and iLibrary systems are built with keypads or card readers. Libraries nationwide use these systems for self-service, 24/7 pick-up.  The Biometric Access Control Systems (BACS™) hold three U.S. Patents. For more information and demonstrations of our products, visit http://www.leidproducts.com