Auburn Hills, MI- based LEID Products, LLC has secured another federal order and will be installing its Biometric Access Control SystemTM (BACS) and electronic locker system at Hurlburt Field Air Force Base in Florida. Hurlburt Field joins other federal agencies including Southern Command, Pope Air Force Base and the National Institute of Health, all using LEID Products Systems in different applications.BACS – developed by Patti Engineering ( – secures, tracks (via RFID) and provides full accountability for valuable or sensitive items such as weapons, evidence, controlled medications, and various other critical assets. Items are marked with an RFID chip linked to the BACS kiosk. The user logs into the BACS application to access items by placing their finger on the biometric reader for verification. Then the user selects the authorized items listed on the touch screen which is then retrieved from a secure electronic locker. The software includes administrative tracking reports providing a fully accountable audit trail.

“Our systems offer the highest level of security and accountability available today,” said Sam Hoff, president of LEID Products. “While our roots started in Law Enforcement Departments, our growth into the military and federal agency markets is no surprise and a natural fit for our core strengths of providing the ultimate solution for supply discipline and inventory control.”

Card and keypad access systems are available in addition to the BACS biometric system, providing various levels of security. LEID’s systems are installed throughout the country; used to streamline operations at law enforcement departments, military facilities, medical facilities, and crime and research labs by securing, tracking and providing full accountability to clients’ weapons, evidence, medications, and other critical assets.

About LEID Products:

Law Enforcement Intelligent Devices (LEID), LLC was originally founded to assist police departments in securing their assets (guns, weapons and radios) through an electronic tracking and fingerprinting system.  LEID’s products since have been utilized by military facilities, medical facilities, government agencies, libraries and businesses to secure and track a wide variety of items including evidence; controlled meds; vital research and development materials; books, tapes and magazines within a library system; and even the securing of business documents to selected personnel.  For more information and to see on-line demonstrations of our products, log on to