Partnership between LEID Products and MATRIX expands options; further advances solutions for automated storage to manage valuables with restricted access and digital real-time tracking.

Auburn Hills, MI – July 15, 2015 –  LEID Products, LLC, the leader of electronic locker and cabinet storage with biometric asset protection and control, today announced a partnership with MATRIX Cabinets to provide high-density controlled storage. The addition of MATRIX Cabinets substantially increases LEID Products offering to better serve its customers secure storage needs.

Effective immediately, the agreement between the two companies allows LEID Products to distribute and service MATRIX’s product line. LEID is the exclusive distributor for MATRIX products in the Midwest serving the needs of military facilities, law enforcement, government agencies, medical facilities and large corporations.

Matrix User InterfaceHigh-density storage units from MATRIX complement LEID’s existing product line, which includes the patented Biometric Access Control System (BACS™), iLibrary and Systems. Both MATRIX and LEID Systems provide advanced automated access controlled storage systems with real-time digital tracking and customizable storage configuration and sizes. Applications range from armory and evidence systems for complete authorized user restricted access to automated self-deposit lockers for personal belongings.

With the addition of MATRIX, the storage density LEID Products can offer customers increases substantially. For example the maximum capacity utilization of one MATRIX ULTRA unit can contain approximately 500 cell phones.

How Does it Work“Teaming up with MATRIX Cabinets enables us to offer our customers more complete solutions,” said Sam Hoff, President of LEID Products, LLC. “This partnership leverages MATRIX’s expertise with highly-customizable sizes and configurations for controlled-access storage.”

Matrix KeysThe partnership is expected to expand LEID Products’ market share by expanding the types of assets that can be controlled within current industries, as well as expanding into additional industries.

“Our customers will be pleased to see additional options. Health care facilities, for example, look for small storage solutions for controlled substances and equipment to comply with regulations,” said Hoff. “We have also heard from other industries. Museums expressed interest in protected storage for small, high-value artifacts.”