LEID Products, pioneer of advanced access control systems, will be displaying its patented Biometric Access Control System (BACS™) and its Access.it Access Control Technology at the 2016 IACP Conference in San Diego – booth #1639.

Auburn Hills, MI & San Diego, CA – October 4, 2016 LEID Products, LLC., the leader of electronic locker and cabinet storage with biometric asset protection and control, today announced it will send a team of asset management experts to the 123rd Annual IACP Conference and Exposition. The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) trade show is taking place at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California October 15-18, 2016. LEID Products will showcase its BACS™ Asset Management Systems and Access.it Access Control Technology in booth #1639, which is centrally located in the Forensics & Investigations section of the expo floor.

LEID Products will be among more than 700 companies exhibiting at this premier event for law enforcement demonstrating the latest innovations in tactical equipment, weaponry, asset management, intelligence technology and more. The IACP Conference and Exposition brings together respected industry keynote speakers, offers hundreds of technical workshops, and gives attendees a venue to learn and network with thousands of other public safety professionals.

LEID’s hands-on exhibit will offer live demonstrations of its BACS™ Systems – intelligent biometric access control systems used to secure and track critical inventory including weapons, critical equipment, keys and evidence. With a track record spanning over 10 years, BACS™ Systems are trusted by government and law enforcement agencies across the U.S. and abroad.  LEID’s patented biometrically-accessed BACS™ Systems offer self-service pick-up/drop-off of items identified via RFID or barcode with 24/7 monitoring and control through remote, web-based asset/evidence management software. Electronic chain of custody reports provide for full accountability of all items stored in BACS™ Asset and Evidence Management Systems as well.

The need for accountability in chain of custody continues to be in news headlines. Recent reports this year coming from the Boston, MA area and Southern California detail missing weapons, compromised evidence rooms, and evidence tampering for over one thousand cases which will likely result in hundreds of court cases being dismissed.

“Unwanted publicity from lost weapons or evidence can be detrimental to law enforcement agencies,” commented Sam Hoff, president, LEID Products. “Using BACS limits the potential liability of missing weapons or compromised evidence by replacing traditional paper log methods with secure automated storage and detailed electronic tracking reports.  Our BACS Systems ensure that only authorized persons have access to the evidence or assets.”

To register for IACP 2016, visit: https://www.compusystems.com/servlet/ar?evt_uid=464#site-navigation.

About LEID Products:

Law Enforcement Intelligent Devices (LEID), LLC is the manufacturing leader of electronic locker and cabinet storage with biometric asset protection and control. Originally founded to assist police departments in securing guns, weapons, radios, etc. through an electronic tracking and fingerprinting system, LEID products are also utilized to track books within a library system, medical supplies, laptops and even business documents to selected personnel. Their Biometric Access Control Systems (BACS™) streamlines operations and provides full accountability for critical business assets. For more information and demonstrations of our products, visit www.leidproducts.com.