LEID Products will be participating in a two day conference, September 27th & 28th, on business opportunities in the nuclear energy industry, hosted by GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy. LEID Products was selected by GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy as a potential major supplier in the Nuclear Energy Field and will be part of the Vendor Supplier Expo. The goal of the conference is to develop a vendor base in Michigan to supply the future growth of the Nuclear Power Industry. The Nuclear Power Industry has a strong desire to buy domestically and locally to the plant level. Speakers will cover topics including “Building US Nuclear Power Supply Chain”.

The two days are being sponsored by Michigan’s Senator Carl Levin and Senator Debbie Stabenow.  They are keenly interested in providing Michigan companies with opportunities to diversify into new markets.  The conference is being held at the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center in Dearborn, Michigan.