Retired Chief of Police Details Responsibility of Department Budget and Involvement in First Deployments of the BACS System

Auburn Hills, MI – July 10, 2012 – LEID Products, LLC., the leader in electronic locker and cabinet storage with biometric asset protection and control, today announced the availability of a new white paper, The Financial Benefits of the BACS System. Written by Dale LaCroix, the paper details his responsibilities for the Police Department budget during his role as Deputy Chief of Police for the Waterford Township. LaCroix was involved with the evaluation of one of the first Biometric Access Control Systems (BACS) from LEID Products. 

The BACS system – developed for LEID Products by Patti Engineering – is a proven asset management system used in law enforcement departments throughout the country to securely store and track weapons and valuable equipment allowing for full accountability of armory assets. Earlier in 2012, LEID Products released version 2.0 of the BACS ID Station Kiosk, enhancing its sleek tamper proof construction and larger kiosk screen for additional security and functionality.

“The cost of the BACS system is more than justifiable. My station, prior to implementing the BACS system, was losing 2,190 hours of productivity a year from our supervisors responsible for checking equipment in and out,” said Dale LaCroix. “It is my opinion that no department should be without this type of system, and in reality, most cannot afford not to have this system.”

In the white paper, LaCroix explains the time loss using the old process as supervisors were manually issuing equipment to officers at the start of a shift and checking equipment back in when the officer’s shift ended. Time savings alone paid for the system after only 18 months.

“While the measurable cost savings are impressive, our BACS System also included unexpected additional asset management features,” said Sam Hoff, President of LEID Products, LLC. “LaCroix notes in the paper that the most significant savings were far beyond measurable. For example, the reduction in liability exposure is hard to measure but perhaps the most significant.”

LaCroix details additional cost savings in the whitepaper such as the ability to have multiple officers share equipment. He also notes that the savings seen related to liability, while they may be immeasurable, could be the greatest savings of all.

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