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    See SmartAxess at 2019 ALA Conference in Washington DC, June 21-24.

See SmartAxess at 2019 ALA Conference in Washington DC, June 21-24.

Give your library patrons more accessibility, convenience, and security.
With the SmartAxess™ Smart Library Locker Systems from LEID Products.

See the SmartAxess system at Booth #3513
At the 2019 American Library Association (ALA) in Washington DC, June 21-24.
With SmartAxess, you can give your patrons:

Extended hours without incurring additional cost
Self-service remote or adjacent kiosks
Online ordering and fulfillment
The books they want when they want them On-demand

SmartAxess gives your library:

Greater reach to your customers
Inventory control with bar-code or RFID scanning that’s 100% accurate
Greater efficiency and productivity
24/7 tracking of all books, materials, and assets

Our electronic lockers are modular and come in various sizes to suit various library needs. The electronics keypad with LCD display, and touch screen navigation provides ease of use for library customer.

LEID Products pioneered the remote electronic library system. With the SmartAxess system we have significantly improved it.

Visit booth number 3513 and see our new image, enhanced products, and lean how we can help you reach new patrons with more convenience than ever before.

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BACS as a Tool to Improve School Safety

School safety is not achieved with a single program or piece of security equipment. Excessive building security (e.g., metal detectors, armed guards) can actually decrease students’ sense of safety and does not necessarily guarantee protection. While some may advocate additional
security personnel in schools, others may advocate arming teachers. Both appear to be contrary to the National Association of Psychologists report referenced above. The use of LEID’s Biometric Asset Control Systems, BACS™ could be used as a tool to expand the resources available to school security officials, administrators and teachers without the outward appearance of armed teachers, or more armed security personnel in schools.

Fill out the form below to download the white paper.

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The Country Library and the City Library

We recently checked in on two of our library installations- one in the small town of Sandwich, IL and the other in the city of Silver Spring, MD.

The Country Library: Sandwich, IL
The Sandwich, IL Public Library District (population almost 8,000) installed the iLibrary system on a side of the building that allows for drive-through style access.


Their system includes one set of electronic lockers and a keypad.
The City Library: Silver Spring, MD
Silver Spring, MD (population 76,000+) is located just outside of Washington, DC.  This iLibrary system is located at the largest and newest of four branches in Silver Spring. 

This downtown branch is accessible to pedestrians, but also includes a drive up area.  There are two sets of electronic lockers equipped with a keypad and card reader.

 We hope both libraries enjoy their new systems for years to come!

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New Solutions with MATRIX High Density Cabinets

Why are we so excited to be offering MATRIX cabinets? They offer high-density storage with the same controlled-access that you’re familiar with at LEID – biometric fingerprint scan, keypad, or card reader. You will also have the same accountability for assets stored. You will be able to decide who has access to each asset and receive real-time data regarding who took what, when and for which purpose.
Our new high-density storage options from MATRIX will store more in less space. Need an example? A 2’9”x 2’5” x 1’10”compact desktop unit can store 480 keys; a 3’9”x 4’9”x 2’4” Ultra floor-standing unit can hold 1,782 keys!

What could you do with hundreds of storage compartments in the space of a large filing cabinet?
Military & Government- In highly restricted areas, provide a storage area for personal belongings- smart phones, wallets, keys. You’ll both be sure that your valuables are safe. It’ll be as useful for visitors as for employees.

Law Enforcement – You’ll be able to securely store more weapons in one place – up to 108 pistols in just one cabinet- but with storage compartments starting at 50×50 mm, you’re able to store ammunition as well.

Libraries – Today, libraries lend so much more than books. Easily keep track of keys to study rooms and the charging cord you lent with it.

Health Care – Ever wish you had a few more moments to care for patients? Steal back some of the time you spend tracking prescriptions. Compact units are small enough to store even individual doses on a nurses’ station or in a room.

Universities – Provide small lockers for students as they travel around campus. It’s a place to store their phone and keys while working out at the gym, or while working in a lab.

Corporate – Securely store and organize high-value items. […]

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    New Library Outposts Increase Access and Engagement for Patrons in Trenton, New Jersey

New Library Outposts Increase Access and Engagement for Patrons in Trenton, New Jersey

The American Library Association’s motto is “The best reading, for the largest number, at the least cost.”  In the digital age, the unwritten motto for librarians is “Get Creative.”  The Trenton Free Public Library in New Jersey has brought both of those mottos to life with the new Library Outposts that opened this year.

Get Creative

In 2010, as a result of the recession, the library’s budget was cut in half.  The Trenton Library was forced to close four branches, keeping only the main branch.  This cut drastically reduced the library’s accessibility to its patrons. The staff got creative about finding a solution.  They wanted to increase engagement despite the reduced budget.

Kimberly Matthews, Executive Director of the Trenton Free Public Library, remembered using a locker system at a library in San Francisco years ago.  Kimberly and her team researched options and gleaned ideas from a library conference.  Eventually, they came up with the idea of a Library Outpost – an extension of the main library branch into the community.

The best reading

Kimberly and her team decided to build the Outposts using LEID’s electronic storage lockers as well as a library vending machine from Public Information Kiosk, Inc. LEID’s electronic locker system allows customers to order any book from the library’s main branch and pick it up from the locker using the keypad and their library card.  The vending machine, stocked with popular titles in a variety of genres, offers customers spur of the moment choices.

The two products complement each other.  Kimberly says, “The library vending machine is like having a snack vending machine; the choices are limited. But offering LEID’s electronic locker system is like adding grocery delivery – patrons can select from the entire library’s offering and have it delivered […]

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Has your agency ever lost track of a weapon?

The police shooting of an unarmed black man, the ensuing protests, and the local police officials’ response to control these protest using military-issued equipment in Ferguson, Missouri, has sparked a national debate over the Pentagon’s controversial “1033 program.” The program equips local and state police departments with military surplus weaponry.

With the media digging into the 1033 program, the public is learning about the 145 law enforcement agencies that the Pentagon has banned from receiving surplus military weapons and supplies. According to the Cox Washington Bureau, in all cases, the departments were suspended after losing high-powered weapons – M14’s, M16’s and assault rifles. There have also been occurrences of missing .45-caliber pistols and shotguns.

Certainly this is a list which no department wants to be on. Yet, while many departments have avoided the unwanted publicity, they have had incidents where weapons have been lost, misplaced or stolen. Inventory control of weapons and auxiliary equipment remains antiquated in countless law enforcement agencies still relying on error prone manual tracking logs. With missing police weapons taking center stage in the news, it may be a good time to re-evaluate your agencies inventory control system.

If your agency is interested in improving the tracking and securing of weaponry and other critical assets, LEID Products has proven technology which can provide full accountability. Expensive? Well that depends on how you look at it. If a weapon goes missing and ends up being used by a criminal, the civil liability of a lost item can be extremely costly. Beyond monetary cost, the reputation of the police department suffers indefinitely.

LEID Products’ BACS System is a field proven inventory control and asset management system used by federal, state, and local agencies, as well as […]

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    How BACS Works – The Field-proven Solution to Proper Storage of Weapons, Evidence and Critical Assets

How BACS Works – The Field-proven Solution to Proper Storage of Weapons, Evidence and Critical Assets

The BACS ID Station Kiosk serves as the control point for access to assets stored in LEID’s electronic storage units – various configurations of lockers, gun racks, handgun safes and key cabinets per each unique application needs. The kiosk houses a biometric (fingerprint) reader to allow only authorized users to access assets; each user is restricted to access only the items they have been qualified to use. For tracking purposes, the kiosk includes a RFID or barcode reader for asset verification. Additional layers of security can be added with options including a hand geometry scanner and card reader.

BACS is a fully self-service access system. When an officer arrives for duty, all they need to do is log into the BACS Kiosk via fingerprint verification and use the touch screen to select from his or her list of available equipment. At the end of the shift, the officer simply logs in and selects ‘return’ from the touch screen. The system automatically lists the equipment he/she checked out. The officer must scan the RFID chip or barcode identifying the equipment to electronically open the storage unit for return. The officer also has the ability to flag an item for maintenance.

The kiosk traces every transaction for easy viewing by department administrators in real time. The administrator can log into the system – through remote web-enabled access – to see where each firearm/asset is at any given time. Web-enabled remote management allows the administrator to manage the system at all times – on and off-site.

To learn more about the BACS Systems call 1.888.884.LEID(5343).

To learn more about the specific products, click on the item:

BACS ID Station Kiosk

SmartRail Gun Rack

SMARTGUARD™ Handgun Safe

Electronic Access Cabinets

Electronic Modular Access Units

BACS Key Cabinet

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LEID Products – The Industry Update

Take a peek at our fastest growing market segments – what’s new, what’s hot!
Law Enforcement/Government Agencies – LEID Products was originally formed to serve this market and our law enforcement business continues to grow, spreading across many sectors including federal agencies, military facilities, local, state, and university police departments.

What’s new? We were honored early this year when a federal agency asked us to develop an add-on to our high performance BACS Asset Management tracking system – a handgun safe – hence the birth of our newest addition to the BACS product line, the SmartGuard Handgun Safe. Now we can extend the BACS Armory system onto the office floor – perfect for federal agencies. No, you do not need to check that firearm into a set of lockers at the entrance of your building or floor.  Instead, carry it to your desk and safely store it in the biometrically accesses SmartGuard Handgun safe securely mounted under your desk and tied into the BACS Armory System – secure, accountable and readily accessible in the event of an emergency. Transforming the armory, LEID Products is staying at the forefront with its BACS product line.

In addition, The BACS Evidence System continues to gain ground in the market as forward thinking departments realize the need for tighter chain of custody and see the many benefits of automating the drop off and pick up of evidence. The BACS Evidence System has earned accolades from trusted and respected law enforcement resources such as and

College and Universities – This is a fairly new market segment for LEID.  Perhaps it is the unfortunate campus shootings we have seen in recent years that are driving the colleges and universities to invest more […]

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    BACS Asset Management System Provides Airports Counterterrorism Protection

BACS Asset Management System Provides Airports Counterterrorism Protection

Since 9/11, security at airports has improved immensely. Nonetheless, beyond making sure weapons do not make it into the airport, counterterrorism efforts must include preventing unauthorized access to airport police and security staff’s weapons, keys and critical assets.  Serving the immense need for proper security, storage and tracking of assets within airports, LEID Products is now offering the BACS Asset Management System to the Airline Industry.

LEID’s patented Biometric Access Control Systems (BACS™) protects weapons and critical assets by ensuring accountability and controlled accessibility while enabling our clients to achieve ultimate efficiency and productivity. With proven ‘rock-solid’ performance, BACS Systems have improved critical asset management for our clients since 2006. (more…)

Meet with LEID Products at the SHOT Show

LEID Products is the leading company in Biometric Access Control System (BACS™) for weapons and evidence storage. Our patented system is physically robust and features built-in asset management and inventory control software. Our installations include Federal Facilities, Local Law Enforcement Agencies, Gun Ranges, and Leading Corporations. Our Executive Team is at the SHOT show in Las Vegas this week (January 15-17, 2014).

We are interested in setting up meetings with individuals interested in learning more about the latest innovations in asset and evidence management. Whether you are planning an upgrade to your weapons and evidence storage, planning a new building or just interested in knowing the latest innovations in technology for these areas, we are interested in understanding your specific needs and challenges.

If you are interested in meeting, please feel free to contact Sam Hoff at and we can set up a day and time that works best.

For more information on our company please refer to our Capabilities Statement and website at

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