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    LEID Products Asset Management System to Store 161st ARW Airman Safety Bags Onsite

LEID Products Asset Management System to Store 161st ARW Airman Safety Bags Onsite

LEID’s Electronic Access Lockers will be installed to save aircrew time while maintaining security of equipment and ensuring squadron “readiness”
Auburn Hills, MI – December 4, 2014 – LEID Products, LLC., the leader of electronic locker and cabinet storage with biometric asset protection and control, today announced that it has been hired to complete a project to remove existing lockers and install its Asset Management System’s electronic access lockers at 161st Air Refueling Wing (ARW).

The system will store the flight crew’s airman safety bags that contain equipment such as helmet and oxygen gear – including equipment that must be recalibrated in between flights for safety reasons. The 161st ARW joins a long list of military bases that have chosen to replace antiquated storage methods with new technology to enhance productivity. The Asset Management System will replace old manual lockers to eliminate the time consuming manual logging it requires of the staff currently. Flight crew safety will be ensured with real-time tracking reports to provide full accountability that equipment has been calibrated and is ready to go.

LEID Products’ Asset Management System is equipped with electronic lockers and a web enabled controller that electronically tracks all activity, validates entry codes and provides secure web-based reports for administrators. Users are able to access and manage the lockers through an LCD-keypad and/or card reader interface. All systems are able to be managed on premise or via a remote web-based administration platform. Beyond initial installation and warranty period, LEID Products offers ongoing service contracts for continued support throughout the newly extended life of the equipment.

“Often times in an replacement project, we are replacing antiquated electronic systems, but in this case we are replacing a more […]

LEID Products – The Industry Update

Take a peek at our fastest growing market segments – what’s new, what’s hot!
Law Enforcement/Government Agencies – LEID Products was originally formed to serve this market and our law enforcement business continues to grow, spreading across many sectors including federal agencies, military facilities, local, state, and university police departments.

What’s new? We were honored early this year when a federal agency asked us to develop an add-on to our high performance BACS Asset Management tracking system – a handgun safe – hence the birth of our newest addition to the BACS product line, the SmartGuard Handgun Safe. Now we can extend the BACS Armory system onto the office floor – perfect for federal agencies. No, you do not need to check that firearm into a set of lockers at the entrance of your building or floor.  Instead, carry it to your desk and safely store it in the biometrically accesses SmartGuard Handgun safe securely mounted under your desk and tied into the BACS Armory System – secure, accountable and readily accessible in the event of an emergency. Transforming the armory, LEID Products is staying at the forefront with its BACS product line.

In addition, The BACS Evidence System continues to gain ground in the market as forward thinking departments realize the need for tighter chain of custody and see the many benefits of automating the drop off and pick up of evidence. The BACS Evidence System has earned accolades from trusted and respected law enforcement resources such as and

College and Universities – This is a fairly new market segment for LEID.  Perhaps it is the unfortunate campus shootings we have seen in recent years that are driving the colleges and universities to invest more […]