We work with libraries—24/7.

We hear it from libraries everyday: “It’s a changing world, and we need to adapt or risk becoming obsolete.”

Your patrons live in an on-demand world, and they expect nothing less of their community library.

The iLibrary system was designed with today’s time-compressed patron in mind. Our sophisticated technology allows for simplicity in service — enabling libraries to extend hours, provide self-service, and ensure customer-centric accessibility…regardless of time of day.


Measurable Impact:

  • Extended hours, so you’re always “open for business”
  • Offer new location where demand is insufficient for a new branch
  • Ease the burden to the community if budget requires a branch closing
  • Self-service for patrons who want it
  • Online ordering and fulfillment
  • On-demand delivery, 24/7
  • Inventory control, efficiency and tracking


  • Libraries
  • Community centers
  • Retirement communities
  • Commuter stations
  • Malls and retail facilities
  • School campuses