Why are we so excited to be offering MATRIX cabinets? They offer high-density storage with the same controlled-access that you’re familiar with at LEID – biometric fingerprint scan, keypad, or card reader. You will also have the same accountability for assets stored. You will be able to decide who has access to each asset and receive real-time data regarding who took what, when and for which purpose.

Our new high-density storage options from MATRIX will store more in less space. Need an example? A 2’9”x 2’5” x 1’10”compact desktop unit can store 480 keys; a 3’9”x 4’9”x 2’4” Ultra floor-standing unit can hold 1,782 keys!

Matrix high density units

What could you do with hundreds of storage compartments in the space of a large filing cabinet?


Military & Government– In highly restricted areas, provide a storage area for personal belongings- smart phones, wallets, keys. You’ll both be sure that your valuables are safe. It’ll be as useful for visitors as for employees.

Law Enforcement – You’ll be able to securely store more weapons in one place – up to 108 pistols in just one cabinet- but with storage compartments starting at 50×50 mm, you’re able to store ammunition as well.

Libraries – Today, libraries lend so much more than books. Easily keep track of keys to study rooms and the charging cord you lent with it.

Matrix Healthcare

Health Care – Ever wish you had a few more moments to care for patients? Steal back some of the time you spend tracking prescriptions. Compact units are small enough to store even individual doses on a nurses’ station or in a room.

Universities – Provide small lockers for students as they travel around campus. It’s a place to store their phone and keys while working out at the gym, or while working in a lab.

Corporate – Securely store and organize high-value items. In a retail location, store inventory. In an office, track pricey IT equipment.

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