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Keys are a vital part of every organization: giving access to buildings, facilities, secure areas, equipment, and vehicles. The SmartGuard™ Key Cabinet provides safekeeping and management of keys. Each key set is attached to an RFID key tag and individually locked in the cabinet where its code is continually read and monitored. The key cabinet is accessed via the BACS ID Station kiosk which identifies the user via fingerprint and allows access to only the keys he is authorized to access.

LEID’s BACS Asset Management System can protect access to keys, weapons and assets with just one system. The BACS Asset Management System consist of any combination of LEID’s tamper proof Electronic Lockers, SmartRail™ Gun Rack, and SmartGuard™ Key Cabinet, all interfaced to the BACS ID Station Kiosk serving as the control point for access (via fingerprint) to all assets/keys stored in the system. All assets are identified with RFID technology.

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SmartGuard™ Key Cabinet overview: 

  • Access biometrically (fingerprint) through the BACS ID Station touchscreen computer kiosk
  • Each key is securely attached to an electronic RFID key-tag
  • Each key-tag is locked in an electronic cylinder where its code is read and monitored continuously
  • Ensures only authorized users have access to specific keys
  • Tracks when a key is taken and returned, and by whom
  • Identify keys that have not been returned
  • Provides administrative remote access to monitor and manage keys on or off-site

Modular and Expandable

  • Available in 16, 32 or 64 slot configurations
  • High and low density slot options (depending on quantity of keys per slot)


  • Glass pane to view keys or steel panel


  • Powder-coated steel