The Amsterdam Police Department in New York was experiencing several issues with their inconsistent manual tracking process for equipment and weapons. Their paper log system was rudimentary and not always updated when officers were using equipment. At times officers were going out on the street without the proper gear as they had no way of knowing their whereabouts. Officers were not easily able to obtain weapons and equipment necessary for their shift. The process was laborious, time consuming, and inefficient, leaving officers unsafe on the job.


LEID’s BACS System provides easy self-service pick-up and return of department assets. The BACS system encompasses an electronic cabinet and gun rack interfaced to the ID Station kiosk that serves as the control point for access and tracking. With customized software, the innovative asset management system is a proven solution installed in law enforcement for secure storage and tracking of highly sensitive items. Benefits include:

  • User friendly Touch Screen Kiosk
  • Restricted access via biometrics finger print reader
  • RFID reader for error free asset identification
  • Remote management access to monitor & manage while off site
  • Easy setup for new users
  • Maintenance/Inspection tracking and notification
  • Detailed logs track all activity
  • “Emergency Mode” for release of all weapons


Amsterdam PD streamlines processes related to tracking and maintaining equipment using the LEID BACS system. Lieutenant Conroy can identify where valuable assets are at all times, allow only authorized personnel access to assets they are qualified to use, and keep up with proper maintenance schedules. He also has the ability to learn where all items are located at any given time through the BACS kiosk or through remotely accessing the system on his computer. Lieutenant Conroy is extremely satisfied with the system and the fact that it is user friendly. He rests assured his officers are safe on the job. In addition to safety, time saving and better maintenance tracking have resulted in cost savings.

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