“Our new BACS™ system has streamlined our operations and saved dollars! I recommend this product to any department that is currently using a paper log to report or track assets.”

— John DiVenere Chief of Police, Bristol, CT 


With 133 sworn police officers, John DiVenere, Bristol, CT’s Chief of Police, was looking for an avenue that would allow his officers easier access to the department’s armory and better accountibility of its inventory. The current process was laborious and inventory control was managed with a paper log.

Customer Savings

The BACS system has helped streamline operations for many departments – saving them valuable employee time and resources while providing a reliable and creditable data report.


Law enforcement departments use a variety of highly technical equipment and weapons which they can’t afford to lose or misplace. The old standard for tracking and reporting critical assets is usually a handwritten paper log, which is time intensive and lacks credibility. Our complete system with Biometric Access Control Systems software (BACSTM) can keep pace with new technology and has easy administrative, access and navigation functions.

BACS secures, tracks (via RFID chip) and provides full accountability for critical assets. Asset reports can also be obtained by using network-enabled administrative functions. The equipment and/or weapons are marked with an RFID chip linked to the kiosk. The user accesses equipment by placing their finger on the biometric reader for verification. Then the user selects the authorized equipment and/or weapon listed on the touch screen.

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