“I highly recommend the BACS system to any police agency that wants to assure proper asset inventory control.”

Nicholas Kaiser, Chief of Police, Troy, NY


As is the case with most police departments around the country, the Troy Police Department would track the issuance of rifles, shotguns, tasers, etc. by utilizing a paper sign in/out
system. The problem with that method is two-fold:

Difficulty in retrieving the data

Sensitive items, such as rifles, can be missing for some time before being noticed


The Troy Police Department proactively sought a solution to these problems that was highly effective, easy-to-use and relatively affordable. The LEID Biometric Access Control System (BACS) met the challenge and was installed in each of their three police stations. The system eliminates asset inventory problems allowing for instant retrieval of data at any desktop and the detection of missing items at the end of the officer’s tour of duty.

Customer Savings

Chief Kaiser’s advice to any other police chief considering such a system is, “Don’t wait until a weapon ends up missing and you are on the hook, do something about it now.”

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