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Our SmartGuard™ Evidence Lockers provide temporary storage of evidence going into—and coming out of — the property room, with complete chain of custody reporting. Property and evidence control and tracking is a monumental concern, especially for law enforcement departments seeking to establish standards required by CALEA®, the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement, as outlined in Chapter 84 “Property and Evidence Control.”

Via either the BACS ID Station or the ID Station, officers can both drop off and pick up evidence, so there is no need to track down the evidence officer for court—saving time and resources. Reports by case number, officer, and date ensure solid chain of custody reports to use in court.

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  • Electronic rotary latch locks on front doors
  • Keypad-LCD using pass code with optional card reader
  • Biometric access with computer kiosk


  • All steel construction
  • 16-GA sides, shelves and frame
  • 20-GA wireways, top and back
  • Welded frame with riveted assembly


  • 16-GA steel
  • Electronic rotary latch locks on doors
  • Spring-loaded front doors automatically open when unit is accessed
  • Manual override on doors
  • Optional rear-door for pass-through installation


  • Powder-coated steel


  • Each separate location requires a controller with max operating capacity up to eight units
  • 120V AC input / 15-amp circuit (lead unit with controller)
  • Units can be installed individually or daisy chained (side by side)
  • Power cord and Ethernet port
  • Unit requires secure attachment to wall or floor, and units in a multiple installation must be secured to each other.


  • Overall unit measurement: 36˝W x 24˝D x 82˝H
  • Optional refrigeration unit
  • Various door sizes configurations available (call for assistance)