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SmartGuard™ Modular Lockers interface with either the BACS ID Station or the ID Station and are ideal for storing equipment such as munitions, PBTs, library material, assorted tech/gadgets, and even important documents.

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  • Electronic rotary latch locks on front doors
  • Keypad-LCD using pass code with optional card reader
  • Biometric access with computer kiosk


  • All steel construction
  • 16-GA sides, shelves and frame
  • 20-GA wireways, top and back
  • Welded frame with riveted assembly


  • 16-GA steel
  • Electronic rotary latch locks on doors
  • Spring-loaded front doors automatically open when unit is accessed
  • Manual override on doors
  • Optional rear-door for pass-through installation — key cam lock


  • Powder-coated steel


  • Each separate location requires a controller with max
    operating capacity up to eight units
  • 120V AC input / 15-amp circuit (lead unit with controller)
  • Units can be installed individually or daisy chained (side by side)
  • Power cord and Ethernet cable
  • Unit requires secure attachment to wall or floor and units in multiple installation must be secured to each other
  • Optional 24˝H pedestal


Overall unit measurement
2W2D-4L: 33-1/2˝ W x 39-3/4˝ H x 15˝ D
2W5D-10S: 15-1/2˝ W x 39-3/4˝ H x 15˝ D
4W5D-20S: 27-3/4˝ W x 39-3/4˝ H x 15˝ D
2W5D-10ML: 43-1/2˝ W x 39-3/4˝ H x 15˝ D
2W5D-10M2: 36-1/2″ W x 39-3/4″ H x 15″ D

Compartment door size
2W2D-4L: 15˝ W x 15-1/8˝ H x 14-1/2˝ D
2W5D-10S: 6-1/2˝ W x 5-3/4˝ H x 14-1/2˝ D
4W5D-20S: 6-1/2˝ W x 5-3/4˝ H x 14-1/2˝ D
2W5D-10ML: 20˝ W x 6-1/2˝ H x 14-1/2˝ D20W5D-10M2: 16-1/2″ W x 6-1/2″ H x 14-1/2″ D