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Under lock and code, the iLibrary Kiosk uses electronic modular access units (EMAUs) or electronic access cabinets—to hold patrons’ requested materials as part of a remote, Web-enabled library materials delivery system.

Patrons can retrieve their materials 24/7 using codes up to seven digits or with a card issued by the library. Remote administration from the library is available as well as manual key override, pass-through doors, and a courier mode that allows a courier to open all compartment doors simultaneously for faster stocking. Various configurations are available to customize size and number of compartments to client needs.

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  • Keypad-LCD using pass code
  • Optional card reader

Integrated Computer

  • 19” TFT Active Matrix Monitor
  • Rugged Keyboard/Trackball
  • Dual Speakers
  • Windows PC
  • Integrated Ethernet Networking (10/100/1000)


  • All Aluminum construction Stardust Silver Powder Coating
  • NEMA 4X (IP65)
  • Bonded monitor
  • Solid State Heat/Cool Unit
  • Surge suppression


  • Secure web browser configuration “lockdown”
  • Website access filtering
  • Customizable web interface “home page”
  • Web browser interface to local library system (OAPC)
  • Web browser interface to other designated web resources
  • Integrated administration for electronic locker systems


  • Custom graphics wrap
  • Magnetic strip/barcode insert or swipe card reader
  • Wireless access to network connection
  • Do not face directly east or west (avoid facing directly into the sun with extended exposure)


  • Free-standing unit
  • Powered with standard 120/240 VAC
  • Wired Ethernet connection (CAT5e+)


  • Overall unit measurement: 21.6” W x 62” H x ~12”D
  • Various door sizes configurations available (call for assistance)


  • Modular components for easy replacement
  • Remotely accessible for system troubleshooting (requires web access)