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The SmartGuard™ Handgun Safe safely secures a single handgun in an easily accessible convenient tamperproof under desk mount. Only BACS enrolled users can access the handgun via fingerprint identification through the biometric reader.

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Central Communication

  • The SmartGuard™ is monitored, managed and configured from a central location (BACS ID Station Kiosk).
  • From the central location the administrator can:
    • Enroll users (same users as other BACS interfaces)
    • Manage user access permissions
      • User access is established via relations of users and devices
    • View SmartGuard™ Logs
    • Add/Remove SmartGuard™ units from the system
    • Test/Verify system connectivity
  • The Central management allows the administrator to enroll a user just once for a large number of SmartGuard™ units in the field vs. enrolling users at every installed unit.

Offline Operations

While the SmartGuard™ is configured and reports its logged events back to the central location, it is also capable of offline operation. The unit will still allow access to the storage location by a previously authorized user in the event of an interruption in communication to the central location. In that mode, the events will be logged locally to the unit and reported to the central location when communication is re-established. The SmartGuard™ has a Lockout threshold that, when enabled, limits the number of offline transactions that can occur without communication to the central location (default is 15). When the lockout threshold has been met the unit will no longer allow non-admin access and will flash red on its biometric reader when a transaction is attempted.

User Feedback

The SmartGuard™ provides user feedback via the color of the biometric reader.
The following colors indicate the mode of operation:

  • Blue: Reader has detected an object and is acquiring a finger print read.
  • Green: Access GRANTED
  • Red: Access DENIED
  • Yellow: Communication to Central Location (BACS Kiosk) OFFLINE
  • Flashing Red: Access DENIED – System Lockout threshold exceeded.


  • Height: 7 5/8”
  • Depth: 14”
  • Width: 3 1/2”

Installation / Power Requirements:

The SmartGuard™ does not require power at the install site, but instead uses Power over Ethernet.  The SmartGuard™ uses industry-standard IEEE 802.3af  POE to provide both power and communication over a single Cat5e cable.  The biometric fingerprint reader uses a single standard USB connection. These external connections are covered with a user serviceable protection plate to ensure connections are maintained.

§  User access is established via relations of users and devices